Iran hackers targeted the US presidential campaign: Microsoft

On 4th October 2019, Friday said a hacker group linked to Iran uncovered cyberattacks on US journalists, government officials and various accounts associated with the US presidential campaign.

Only four accounts were compromised as a result of the “significant cyber activity of the threat group”

Tom Burt, Microsoft’s corporate Vice President of Computer Security and Trust

However, Tom Burt did not identify which presidential candidate’s campaign was the target of hackers and neither whose accounts were compromised. According to Burt, a Microsoft group named “Phosphorous” tried to identify email accounts of targets that included US officials, journalists covering global politics, prominent Iranians living outside the country and the US presidential campaign.

Phosphorous used information gathered from researching their targets or other means to game password reset or account recovery features and attempt to take over some targeted accounts.

Tom Burt, Microsoft’s corporate Vice President of Computer Security and Trust

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center spied more than, 2700 attempts to identify email accounts of targets during a 30 day period that ended in September, according to the US computing colossus. Microsoft believed that Phosphorous “originated from Iran and is linked to the Iranian government.” Burt said that Microsoft notified those whose accounts were compromised, advising them to ramp up their online defense. The attack was not technically sophisticated, rather they tried to use personal information such as telephone numbers gathered to identify email accounts or dupe systems into allowing passwords to be reset.

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