Anti-Modi protest planned before Howdy-Modi Event

Pakistan has got into overdrive to disrupt the mega event according to the British columnist Katie Hopkins. Pakistan is sponsoring anti-India protest in the US, she has claimed that the people who are preparing for the anti-India rally are the same group of people who had attacked the Indian Embassy in London.

In a Twitter post, Hopkins has shown how mosques are allegedly being used to coordinate the planned disruption of Modi’s address as a desperate plot by Pakistan to spread hatred on the historic howdy Modi event stands exposed the organizers of the planned protest have even distributed bus schedules which will provide free pickups to the protesters. Approximately 16 out of 17 pick up locations of mosques or Islamic centers. Meanwhile, a number of Twitter users tagged US Authority is calling them to investigate the issue of religious places being used to organize a political protest.

In this exclusive conversation Latafat Hussein, the founding president of the Indian Muslim Association of Greater Houston says that plant protest by Pakistanis will not affect the howdy Modi event. And he said that “50,000 people from all over America are coming to listen to our Prime Minister and it is a moment of pride that not only 50,000 people but the president of America is also coming to join Modiji and to show his support to India. India is a major power in the world we are very proud of that and we want it to become even greater than what it is, and the fact that President Trump recognizes that, realizes that and is going to be here as a supporter of India, it really makes us very very proud”.

He also added that “Pakistan will not be successful in raising the point regarding Kashmir and we are not only hopeful but we are actually confident that Sunday’s rally is going to be all about India and the propaganda really will be ignored, because the enthusiasm, the energy level of the people that are participating is very positive”

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