WhatsApp Web, the version available in browsers for desktop computers, now has a series of shortcuts that facilitate the publication of emojis in a chat.

In addition to being able to choose the emoji with the mouse pointer, WhatsApp Web users can quickly access by combining the colon symbol followed by the emoji’s representative word. For example, for the smiling face you should write: smile or: argentina for the Argentine flag.
There are also some differences, such as: soccer to express the soccer ball, while: football offers three versions of the ball, two of them related to American football. This mode allows intensive WhatsApp Web users to type and add emoji without the need to select the symbol using the mouse.

WhatsApp Web also has the option of transforming an emoticon into an emoji. Thus, combinations of characters such as <3, :-), :-(, :-D,: – *, ;-),: – | And: – P are automatically converted to the corresponding illustration.