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YouTube received a great face wash where not only renewed the logo and design of the classic social network icon, but also improved its functionality and modified the player.
When YouTube was released 12 years ago, it was a web that supported only one video format: 320×240 with a 4: 3 aspect ratio. Today’s social network allows you to view any combination of SD, HD, 4K, 360, 3D and live video on almost all devices with an Internet connection, from desktop computers to phones, tablets, televisions, video game consoles and even viewers Of Virtual Reality.
They made the white header so that the content was highlighted and they moved the navigation tabs at the end of the application so that they are closer to the thumbs of the users.

Adapt to any video

The YouTube player will soon change shape to automatically adapt to the video format you’re watching, whether vertical, horizontal or square.

Browse and discover while watching a video

They added a feature that allows you to see a row of suggested videos while you’re watching in full screen.

In the web

“We were working on a new design, and thanks to all the positive feedback we received, from today it will be available to all our users,” reported from Google.

The new look applies Material Design to YouTube and offers a fresh, simple and intuitive user experience that allows content to stand out. One of the new features is Dark Theme, which obscures the background while watching a video for a more cinematic appearance.